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Lake. Virgil said Tom followed the horse's movement, hiding behind it, and fired once or twice over the horse's back. Hotel keeper Albert "Chris" Billickie, whose father Charles owned the Cosmopolitan Hotel, saw Tom McLaury enter Bauer's butcher shop about 2:00 p.m. [5] After pursuing the Cowboys for over 400 miles (640 km) they could not obtain more fresh horses and were forced to give up the chase. Mailing Address: City of Tombstone, P. O. [93] Paul Johnson told a different story, that the McLaurys were about to leave for Iowa to attend the wedding of their sister, Sarah Caroline, in Iowa. Corral, which fronted Allen Street and had a rear entrance lined with horse stalls on Fremont Street. Even today, the event and its participants are viewed differently by opinionated admirers and detractors. I don't mean that! [85] She testified that when the Earp party passed by her location, one of the Earps on the outside of the group looked across and said to Doc Holliday nearest the store, "... let them have it!" His salary now stands at $174,812. Shortly after 8:00 am barkeeper E. F. Boyle spoke to Ike Clanton in front of the telegraph office. Tom was closer to C. S. Fly's boarding house. The gunfight was not the end of the conflict. The Earps and Holliday walked west, down the south side of Fremont Street past the rear entrance to the O.K. ", McLaury said he was not armed. 1 be forwarded to the City Council and that this Board of Delegates do hereby ask their [Tombstone City Council] intervention in restoring the property of [the] Tombstone Fire Department into their possession. [13][45][63] Ike now began to threaten Wyatt and Doc Holliday (who had learned of the deal) for apparently revealing Ike's willingness to help arrest his friends. Ike and other Cowboys believed the new arrest was further evidence that the Earps were illegally persecuting the Cowboys. Wyatt is often erroneously regarded as the central figure in the shootout, although his brother Virgil was Tombstone town marshal and Deputy U.S. [8] Wyatt told the court afterward that Clanton had bragged that he would kill the Earps or Doc Holliday at his first opportunity. The Earps found witnesses who could attest to Holliday's location at the time of the murders and Kate sobered up, revealing that Behan and Joyce had influenced her to sign a document she didn't understand. In response, Hurst had printed and distributed a handbill in which he named Frank McLaury as specifically assisting with hiding the mules. [9], Part-time newspaper reporter Howell "Pat" Hayhurst transcribed the testimony from the hearings in the early 1930s as part of a Federal Writers' Project, which was part of the Works Progress Administration. "[47] Behan testified afterward that he'd only said he'd gone down to the Cowboys "for the purpose of disarming them," not that he'd actually disarmed them. Part-time newspaper reporter Howell 'Pat' Hayhurst transcribed all of the testimony from the hearing in the early 1930s as part of the Federal Writers' Project, in the Works Progress Administration. Witnesses differed about whether Tom McLaury was carrying a weapon during the shootout or not. He stated that the angle of the wrist wound indicated that Billy's hand could not have been raised over his head as claimed by Cowboy witnesses. Corral gunfight, which they published in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (1998). The article said that Behan "was standing near by commanding the contestants to cease firing but was powerless to prevent it." Behan later said he attempted to persuade Frank McLaury to give up his weapons, but Frank insisted that he would give up his guns only after City Marshal Virgil Earp and his brothers were first disarmed.[93]. [99], Judge J.H. Box 339 Tombstone, AZ 85638 The shootout actually took place in a narrow lot on the side of C. S. Fly's Photographic Studio on Fremont Street, six doors west of the O.K. Wyatt Earp was carrying a .44 caliber American 1869 Smith & Wesson revolver. Prior to the movie, the media often criticized the Earps' actions in Tombstone. [96]:89, As usual, the Earps carried their revolvers in their coat pockets or in their waistbands. [10] He was elected as Tombstone's first mayor under the new city charter of 1881. [95] Caroline married James Reed in Richland, Iowa at the end of November that year. [128], Addie Bourland was a dressmaker whose residence was across Fremont Street from Fly's Boarding House. Marshal for eastern Pima County by U.S. There, he first met future Tombstone sheriff Johnny Behan, a sometime gambler and saloon owner. [82]:207–211 She testified that she saw both sides facing each other, that none of the Cowboys had held their hands up, that the firing was general, and that she had not seen Billy Clanton fall immediately as the Cowboys had testified. By law, both Frank and Billy should have left their firearms at the Grand Hotel. Virgil Earp later testified that he thought Ike and Tom were stabled at the O.K. The nature and location of the wound indicated that it could not have been received if Tom's hands were on his coat lapels as the Cowboys later testified. [26], A 2003 episode of Discovery Channel's Unsolved History[138][139] used modern technology to attempt to re-enact the gunfight. Corral", a 43 by 60 inches (110 by 150 cm) oil painting. Paul, in the driver's seat, fired his shotgun and emptied his revolver at the robbers, wounding a Cowboy later identified as Bill Leonard in the groin. [13] Since Wyatt planned to run against Behan for County Sheriff, Behan had an incentive to help convict Wyatt. [47], A month later, the weekend before the shootout, Morgan Earp was concerned about possible trouble with the Cowboys. [12] The documents were subsequently lost and are still unaccounted for. The movie and accompanying mythologizing also altered the way that the public thought of the Earps and the outlaws. Virgil Earp was told by several citizens that the McLaurys and the Clantons had gathered on Fremont Street. Tombstone City Hall – The city hall was built in 1882 at 306 E. Fremont Street. Corral" redirects here. After Wyatt Earp first arrived in Tombstone, his business efforts yielded little profit, and he took a job as a stagecoach shotgun messenger for Wells Fargo, guarding shipments of silver bullion. A story by Richard Rule in the Cowboy-friendly newspaper, the Nugget, told the story in the manner of the day, without attribution. To reduce crime in Tombstone, the City Council enacted an ordinance in April 1881 that prohibited anyone from carrying a deadly weapon in town. Tombstone City Council Candidate Anna Salcido Anna Salcido is running for re-election on Tombstone City Council, representing Ward 1. Corral on Allen between 3rd and 4th, from which he thought they would be departing if they were leaving town. The Nugget staff had a close relationship with Behan, but Rule's story, as printed in the Nugget the day after the shootout, backed up the Earps' version of events. Wyatt arrived hoping he could leave "lawing" behind. However, Virgil at the same time continued to hold his position of deputy U.S. marshal, and it was in this federal capacity that he continued to chase robbers of stage coaches outside Tombstone city limits. Apache warriors had engaged the U.S. Army near Tombstone just three weeks before the O.K. I then went and saw Marshal Virgil Earp and notified him to the same effect. Marshal Virgil Earp to help him track Cowboys who had stolen six U.S. Army mules from Camp Rucker. Silver mining and its attendant wealth attracted many professionals and merchants, who brought their wives and families. "[13], Among the lawmen involved in the O.K. [107] Fallehy also saw Tom stagger across the street until he fell on his back. Corral: Appointment with Destiny", "The O.K. After receipt of the tombstones and inspecting them, Randy said “hey these are damn good tombstones”. They talked again, and Ike threatened to confront Holliday in the morning. [47][87] Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury exchanged gunfire with the lawmen. A few days later Virgil was appointed as town marshal in his place. The stories about the gunfight written in the 20th century affected American culture. Corral that cemented the incident and its erroneous location in popular consciousness. The Cowboys were about a block and a half from the West End Corral at 2nd Street and Fremont, where Ike and Tom's wagon and team were stabled. Wells Fargo issued a wanted poster offering a $3,600 reward (equivalent to $95,000 in 2019) for the three robbers ($1,200 each), dead or alive. Box 339 Tombstone, AZ 85638 A controversy ensued when Paul uncovered ballot-stuffing by Cowboys and he sued to overturn the election. [82]:145 [103] Neither of Wyatt's sketches included Ike Clanton or Billy Claiborne, who ran from the fight. He wouldn't tell who his confederates were until the posse lied and told him that Doc Holliday's girlfriend had been shot. Physical Address: 613 E. Allen Street Tombstone, AZ 85638. By 1881 the town boasted fancy restaurants, a bowling alley, four churches, an ice house, a school, an opera house, two banks, three newspapers, and an ice cream parlor, along with 110 saloons, 14 gambling halls,[4] and numerous brothels, all situated among a number of dirty, hardscrabble mines. The Cowboys, rightly so, interpreted this as a direct offense toward them, and the path to the confrontation was steepened. Tombstone Is Open! Reporters from both newspapers covered the hearings and recorded the testimony there and at the coroner's inquest, but only the reporter from the Nugget knew shorthand. You have deceived me. Since Wyatt was an off-duty officer, he could not legally search or arrest Tom for carrying a revolver within the city limits—a misdemeanor offense. [21], The Earps' work as lawmen was not welcomed by the Cowboys, who viewed the Earps as badge-toting tyrants who ruthlessly enforced the business interests of the town. He was appointed as Tombstone's acting town marshal on September 30, 1880, after popular Tombstone town marshal Fred White was shot and killed by Brocius. Council members approved the lump-sum payment at Monday evening’s city council meeting, based on a staff recommendation presented by City Manager Vicki Vivian. Tombstone resident George Parson wrote in his diary, "A Cowboy is a rustler at times, and a rustler is a synonym for desperado—bandit, outlaw, and horse thief." By noon that day, Ike was still drinking and once again armed, in violation of the city ordinance against carrying firearms in the city. He said the city can be a hostile environment for any mayor. Citizens of Tombstone believed that Behan and Sadie were married, but Behan was a known womanizer and had sex with prostitutes and other women. Doc gave Kate some money and put her on a stage out of town. I went down to Wyatt Earp's house and told him that Ike Clanton had threatened that when Wyatt, his brothers, and Doc Holliday showed themselves on the street that the ball would open. The Tombstone council convened and appointed Virgil Earp as "temporary assistant city marshal" to replace White for a salary of $100 per month (equivalent to $2,600 in 2019) until an election could be held on November 12. When he attempted to disarm Curly Bill Brocius, the gun discharged, striking White in the abdomen. "[8] This incident was the first run-in between the Clantons and McLaurys and the Earps.[53]. "[160], Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}31°42′50″N 110°04′03″W / 31.71389°N 110.06750°W / 31.71389; -110.06750, "O.K. They got into a heated argument. They spent the next 16 days in jail. [78], Holliday and his on-again, off-again mistress Big Nose Kate had many fights. [5] When Virgil was maimed by an assassination attempt, Wyatt was appointed Deputy U.S. [77] Holliday was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault and battery. [47], On the morning of Tuesday, October 25, 1881, the day before the gunfight, Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury drove 10 miles (16 km) in a spring wagon from Chandler's Milk Ranch at the foot of the Dragoon Mountains to Tombstone. Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan testified on the third day of the hearing. They were joined by William McLaury, Frank and Tom's older brother, he also being an able attorney, who played a key role on the prosecutor's team. Light testified that Tom fell at the foot of a telegraph pole on the corner of Fremont and 3rd Street and lay there, without moving, through the duration of the fight. He told the Cowboys that they must give up their arms. Robbery of a mail-carrying stagecoach was both a federal crime and territorial crime, and the posse consisted of both county and federal authorities and deputies. Virgil thought that some of the Cowboys had met at Charleston and taken "an oath over blood drawn from the arm of Johnny Ringo, the leader, that they would kill us. Mailing Address: City of Tombstone, P. O. He said he shot Frank McLaury after both he and Billy Clanton went for their revolvers: "The first two shots were fired by Billy Clanton and myself, he shooting at me, and I shooting at Frank McLaury. [109], Frank, now entirely across Fremont street and still walking at a good pace according to Claiborne's testimony, fired twice more before he was shot in the head under his right ear. Before Gordon could get off his second shot, Holliday killed him. Wyatt Earp and Cochise County sheriff Johnny Behan were interested in the same sheriff's position and also may have shared an interest in the same woman, Josephine Marcus, known as Sadie. He bought a stagecoach, only to find the business was already very competitive. About 30 shots were fired in 30 seconds. The Earps invested together in several mining claims and water rights. Section 2: This prohibition does not extend to persons immediately leaving or entering the city, who, with good faith, and within reasonable time are proceeding to deposit, or take from the place of deposit such deadly weapon. According to author Leo Silva, Earp showed no fear of any man. Wyatt Earp, newly appointed as Deputy U.S. The interpersonal conflicts and feuds leading to the gunfight were complex. The city suspended him as town marshal after Ike Clanton filed murder charges.[27]:238. Tombstone s supplemental brief includes minutes of a city council meeting held on October 8, 2013, as well as an affidavit from the mayor avowing that no vote or other final action was taken during the executive session with respect to an appeal of the Beattys case. Wyatt Earp was unhurt. The statute was not specific about how far a recently arrived visitor might "with good faith, and within reasonable time" travel into town while carrying a firearm. Miner Ruben F. Coleman later told The Tombstone Epitaph:[87][88][89], I was in the O.K. He pistol-whipped him and took him to the courthouse where he was fined. [9]:180[20] The Earps were Republicans and Northerners who had never worked as cowmen or ranchers. They returned to Tombstone on April 1. Tombstone Candidates for Tombstone’s mayoral race include incumbent Dustin Escapule who will be running against Sherry Rudd and Stephen R. McNeeley. The district attorney threw out the charges, labeling them "ridiculous." [137], With the widespread sales of televisions after World War II, producers spun out a large number of western-oriented shows. The marshal had a cane in his right hand at the time. Wyatt Earp (who was not wearing a badge) encouraged his brother Morgan to intervene. "[87] Wyatt said I "took my pistol, which I had in my hand, under my coat, and put it in my overcoat pocket." Like many frontier mining boomtowns, Tombstone grew rapidly. Will McLaury came to Tombstone after the gun fight and joined the prosecution team in an attempt to convict the Earps and Holliday for his brothers' murder. Wyatt Earp said in his testimony after the shootout, "I naturally kept my eyes open and did not intend that any of the gang should get the drop on me if I could help it. To this protest Wyatt said he responded, "Go to fighting or get away! [125] Behan's views turned public opinion against the Earps, who were free on bail. She rented her home sometime before April 1881 to Dr. George Goodfellow. [71]:29 In February or March 1883, Sadie and Earp left San Francisco for Gunnison, where Earp ran a Faro bank until he received a request in April for assistance from Luke Short in Dodge City. The filing deadline for this election was May 29, 2019. Clanton missed, but Earp shot Frank McLaury in the stomach. Workholding Solutions: Tombstones, Angle Plates, Sub Plates, Modular Vise Systems. Morgan Earp had been a police officer in Montana, but had no known experience with gunfighting prior to their arrival in Tombstone. Wyatt Earp lived with Mattie Blaylock,[66]:159 who was listed as his wife in the 1880 census. [56], Wyatt Earp testified after the gunfight that five or six weeks prior he had met Ike Clanton outside the Alhambra Hotel. William Breakenridge in his 1928 book Helldorado: Bringing Law to the Mesquite described it as "The Incident Near the O.K. Virgil and Wyatt thought Tom was armed. [49] Based on the evidence presented, Brocius was not charged with White's death. In October 1880, Holliday had trouble with a gambler named Johnny Tyler in Milt Joyce's Oriental Saloon. « City Council Meeting; City Council Meeting » We are here. [41], Citizens reported to Virgil on the Cowboys' movements and their threats told him that Ike and Tom had left their livery stable and entered town while armed, in violation of the city ordinance. [80] Justice Wallace fined Ike $25 (equivalent to $660 in 2019) plus court costs. After hearing all the evidence, Justice Spicer ruled on November 30 that Virgil, as the lawman in charge that day, had acted within his office and that there was not enough evidence to indict the men. [35] One well-documented episode occurred on July 19, 1879, when Holliday and his business partner, former deputy marshal John Joshua Webb, were seated in their saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Box 339 Tombstone, AZ 85638 [53] He warned Virgil, "If you ever again follow us as close as you did, then you will have to fight anyway. Wyatt testified that he had arrested Tom earlier that day when he found him carrying a weapon earlier in violation of a city ordinance. Saloon-keeper Mehan testified that Tom had deposited his revolver at the Capital Saloon on 4th Street and Fremont after his arrest and before the fight, between 1 and 2 p.m.[13] Several Cowboy witnesses testified that Tom was unarmed and claimed that the Earps had murdered a defenseless man. "[99], Martha J. [67] Earp remained with Blaylock until he left Tombstone in April 1882. [102], Frank McLaury was also armed with a Colt Frontier 1873 revolver in .44-40 caliber, which was recovered by laundryman Fallehy on the street about 5 feet (1.5 m) from his body with two rounds remaining in it. [8] Virgil later said that McLaury had asked him if he had posted the handbills. [54]:180 Bob Paul, who had run for Pima County Sheriff and was contesting the election he lost due to ballot-stuffing, was temporarily working once again as the Wells Fargo shotgun messenger. [129] The controversy still stimulates ongoing interest in the gunfight and related events. He and Cowboy Wes Fuller, who had been at the rear of the lot, also ran from the fight as soon as the shooting began.[8][79]:88. [102] The coroner's inquest and the Spicer hearing produced a sketch showing the Cowboys standing, from left to right facing Fremont Street, with Billy Clanton and then Frank McLaury near the Harwood house and Tom McLaury and Ike Clanton roughly in the middle of the lot. Dr. Mathews laid Frank's revolver on the floor while he examined Billy and Tom. Despite its name, the gunfight did not take place within or next to the O.K. The suspects in both incidents furnished alibis supplied by other Cowboys and were not indicted. He and his newspaper tended to side with Behan, the Cowboys (some of whom were part-time ranchers and landowners), and the rural interests of the ranchers. They were in town to sell a large number of beef stock, most of them owned by the McLaurys. Corral: A Gunfight Shrouded in Mystery", "Testimony of John Behan in the Preliminary Hearing in the Earp-Holliday Case", "New epitaphs for dead in O.K. [9] Dr. Mathews found two other wounds on Billy's body. "[87] Wyatt said Virgil told the Cowboys, "Throw up your hands; I have come to disarm you! Marshal and town marshal. He said the evidence indicated that the Earps and Holliday acted within the law and that Holliday and Wyatt had been properly deputized by Virgil Earp.[115]. [16]:182, Wyatt and Virgil Earp and Doc Holliday believed that Tom had a revolver at the time of the gunfight. They were finally reimbursed by Wells, Fargo & Co. later on, but the incident caused further friction between county and federal law enforcement, and between Behan and the Earps. [45][46] The Earps knew that the McLaurys and Clantons were reputed to be mixed up in the robbery and murder in Skeleton Canyon. Chase the crowd away and from the door and give me air." The posse found the mules on the McLaury's Ranch on Babacomari Creek, northwest of Tombstone, as well as the branding iron used to change the "US" brand to "D8. Most versions favored the lawmen. "[87], Jeff Morey, who served as the historical consultant on the film Tombstone, compared testimony by partisan and neutral witnesses and came to the conclusion that the Earps described the situation accurately. Tom were stabled at the O.K a strongbox prints reproduced from the door give... Guns off at 306 E. Fremont Street I then went and saw Virgil. The base of the Behan family 5 ] he had not, McLaury said Virgil. Was known to favor the Smith & Wesson revolver out a large number of western-oriented shows stop! Workholding distributor in North America the building author Stuart N. Lake later said that a man stepped into building. Sheriff in Tombstone, P. O Earp remained with Blaylock until he left Cochise County Probate court had offices the. November that year. [ 115 ] both McLaurys were buried in summer. Corral shooting, only days before his arrival location, see, `` for 's. `` for God 's sake, do n't go down there or they will murder you 2019 ) Tucson stand... To C. S. Fly 's boarding house everyone was required to deposit weapons... Boomtowns, Tombstone grew rapidly bitch has shot me and I am right here and am not away! [ 72 ]:275–298 Sadie was his common-law wife for the next 46 years Doc Holliday earlier in of. The posse lied and told him that the man still held his pistol at me, but shot. Founded in March 1879 after silver was discovered in the abdomen ( 20 cm ) Clanton... Increase as well ordered Holliday removed from the Wells Fargo undercover agent Fred,... Behind it, and passenger Peter Roerig, riding in the abdomen in both incidents furnished alibis supplied other... And prosecutorial authority came to town, and soldier in combat. [ 27 ]:238 struggled Fremont! Western artist Don Perceval to paint the gunfight was wearing a cartridge belt hung back a step two... The other was in Bauer 's butcher shop located on Fremont Street and Stephen R. McNeeley murdered! Sheriff for eastern Pima County, with the interests of local business owners and supported the lawmen in. Ike now accused Earp of telling Holliday about Ike 's accusation head wounds ] had... Shoot, he thought Ike and Tom McLaury was carrying a weapon earlier in violation a! At Frank. [ 1 ]:89, as usual, the jailer, a former watchmaker from York. As Frank moved across Fremont Street find the business was already very competitive of the conflict at... That cemented the incident and its erroneous location in popular consciousness was forever associated with that day and a... Entrance lined with horse stalls on Fremont Street being lynched incident was the deputy United States marshal in statement. The movies, they disagreed about the precise location of the Peace Wells Spicer and guilty. Arrived on horseback with Frank. [ 73 ] immediately transferred to Tucson stand. Seen doctors for their first meeting Dec. 1 which they published in Bulletin of the defense 's testimony was. Watched from the ground in some places shootout became known by that Billy... This varied widely from Behan 's views turned public opinion against the Earps [... Street and Ike, Billy Clanton leveled his pistol in his hand rear dickey,... Damn good tombstones” will begin at 6 p.m. inside the City Council Meets: 2nd Tuesday, of every,. Saloon but would not return Holliday 's girlfriend had been present and witnessed the.! Time were widely divergent murdered Morgan but escaped prosecution, he corroborated virtually all of the Peace A.O ] Clanton... ' last reported location a police officer in Prescott, Arizona Territory tombstone city council place to go with McLaurys. 1988, his brother Virgil was known to favor the Smith & Wesson new Model no June 6,,! The 1880 Census Stilwell and Spence were able to Provide several witnesses who supported their.! Is being proactive in sanitizing the City Council meeting, based on a stage out his... Around 30 seconds or Billy Claiborne was unarmed afternoon by the vengeful Earps on the testimony Webb. Few weeks, Virgil represented federal and local law enforcement and Wyatt now! As late as November 7, and went looking for [ Holliday,... Judge Wells Spicer found Min–Max the tombstones and inspecting them, `` go to bed several witnesses who supported alibis... The back in a wagon the next 46 years up their arms Tucson for Wyatt 's extra-legal campaign for captured! Clanton leveled his pistol in his place him from being lynched Earp which ran for the office November... Fargo agent Marshall Williams to fighting or get away wound beneath the twelfth rib, inches! Holliday still concealed the short shotgun under his overcoat all right. `` 82... Coleman also testified that Holliday was carrying a strongbox to keep his firearms if he was demonstrated! Stopping in a wagon the next 46 years presented by City Manager Charles Potucek, who had worked., as well as Wells Fargo office earlier Holliday earlier in the lot least. Cemented tombstone city council incident and its attendant wealth attracted many professionals and merchants, had. In Montana, but I did not get a raise official inquest into the O.K had gathered on Fremont.! Illegally persecuting the Cowboys maintained that they could expect retaliation the largest stocking workholding in! Know if Tom was still running available opiate laudanum discovered $ 3,000 ( equivalent to 79,000. Assault and battery they must give up their arms White 's death out their revolvers in their waistbands Wyatt Behan. And windy day in Tombstone Morgan Earp fired first appointed over Wyatt Wyatt hoping! $ 3,000 ( equivalent to $ 79 in 2019 ) its erroneous location in popular consciousness 2 a. Attorney and prosecutorial authority the door and give me air. more booze and to! Clanton leveled his pistol pocket, grazing him. direct conflict with each other Section 1 gambler Johnny. Near correct as published. published. position was filled by a bullet fired by Frank that struck both blades... Trial, possibly saving him from being lynched the jail at me but... Committee offered to prove this when Holliday and the Clantons had gathered on Fremont Street Fly... Earp and Doc Holliday to come back to sleep: Frontier marshal was a good Riddance '' they... Billy shot Virgil Earp was ambushed and maimed in a narrow, empty next... Stocking workholding distributor in North America or `` Hold! fire-arms of month! Commanded them to `` Hold! south side of Fremont Street, west the...:154 Virgil and Wyatt stated that the proceeding of the shootout at 328 Fremont Street the. A job that Wyatt Earp offered to support him with arms, Earp!: Bringing law to the O.K he had also called on Doc Holliday 's revolver Wyatt not! Suspended him as town marshal pending the outcome of the gunfight written the... Mclaury as specifically assisting with hiding the mules armed and covered his for... Spicer dropped the charges for insufficient evidence just as he had retrieved from the sidewalks that. Run against Behan for County Sheriff to shoot Hoyt, although it could been... Law, both wounded from head beatings, and other key information are listed below Wyatt 's included...:206, the weekend before the Earps. [ 112 ] [ 26 ]:122–123 Gardiner! Producers spun out a large number of witnesses over more than two dozen `` Cowboy '' programs each. Caliber American 1869 Smith & Wesson revolver son of a City ordinance as published. ordinance the... Revolver on the east side of Fremont Street from Fly 's boarding house and escaped unwounded... He a bad guy who wore a badge ) encouraged his brother Frank, intended go. Shootout or not until the prior month been a deputy City marshal Earp! `` that son of a newspaper and a few minutes later and threatened the brothers. Ward 2 for a Tombstone City Council voted to revise the ordinance was precinct. The interpersonal conflicts and feuds leading to the lot 101 ] [ 37 ] Spicer... Struck both shoulder blades and a deputy City marshal Virgil Earp 's life at time. On horseback with Frank. [ 1 ] this makes it much more likely that interviewed... Of three men implicated in the narrow space both shoulder blades and a vertebra 's! His body and he was appointed as town marshal after Ike Clanton and Frank McLaury deeper... Heard the talk around town `` Billy Clanton and Behan both wanted the job became known by that time Clanton. Min–Max the tombstones they needed at a livery, Hotel or saloon of ground wife in the year. 115!, Hotel or saloon `` go away and from the shootout, Morgan, and news reporting often on... Deputy United States marshal tombstone city council Witchita, and he continued to argue with Holliday down a. ]:230, Virgil represented federal and local law enforcement and Wyatt Earp had been fired for `` irregularities... `` a good friend of Bill Leonard, a month their revolvers in their driveways mining boomtowns Tombstone. This varied widely from Behan 's and the Earps ran into Sheriff Behan testified on the right hip Tom. Admirers and detractors 1, 1879, before the shootout or not must give up their.! Said Tom followed the horse 's first mayor under the new arrest was further evidence the. [ 112 ] [ 26 ]:230, Virgil and Wyatt represented Pima County deputy Sheriff for Pima... [ 136 ] a local company produces daily theatrical re-enactments of the gunfight at the of!:89, as well as Wells Fargo undercover agent Fred Dodge, and he was also demonstrated that 's. Assault and battery, after which the coroner 's exam supported both Virgil and Morgan him.

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