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Marcia nominates Mike as "Father of the Year" in a newspaper contest, but her attempts to keep this secret results in several misunderstandings. Jan is thrilled to establish her own successful identity by winning an Honor award for an essay she wrote. They do a shoddy construction job and Cindy is nearly injured. Greg also decides to buy a new wardrobe after meeting a senior girl who walks off with another boy in a hippie outfit. Carol leads the family in campaigning against city hall to save their neighborhood park. This page lists all the episodes for Season 5, the final season of the ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch. In the process, the boys learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than "finders keepers". Greg is ultimately given the room as the oldest of the children, but relinquishes it to Marcia after hearing her tearful pleas for privacy from her sisters. Marcia's plain and awkward classmate Molly Webber (Debi Storm) is nominated for hostess of the school's Banquet Night as a cruel joke by other students. With Alice on a date with Sam, Greg and Marcia convince Mike and Carol that they can babysit Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy, who starts sniffling. ‘The Brady Bunch’ director breaks the tension. The boys believe Sam is passing information to the Russians when they see him conferring with his landlord, Mr. Gronsky (Lew Palter), about the project, and lock Sam and Gronsky in the meat locker. Marcia and Greg compete for class president. He sells Greg a container, which turns Greg's hair bright orange on the eve of his high-school commencement. When Alice goes on a week's vacation, she invites her identical cousin Emma (Ann B. Davis), a former Army WAC, to care for the household. Carol and Mike switch roles to see who is better at the other's household chores. The girls' attempts to convince Bobby he is growing do not help, but Bobby learns the value of being small when he locks himself and Greg in Sam's meat locker. When it seems that Jan is allergic to Tiger, the family fear they might have to lose their pet dog, until they discover that she's only allergic to his new flea powder. Cindy starts to tease Buddy, and everyone laughs. Guest star: Hope Sherwood (Sherwood Schwartz's daughter) in her second appearance as Rachel. Just as he is about to quit the Glee Club, he and the other football players learn a lesson from Los Angeles Rams defensive end Deacon Jones. After Bobby watches a television adaptation of "Cinderella," older stepsisters Marcia and Jan tease him, then Carol asks for his help in sweeping the chimney. Greg starts high school and believes he's now a man. Mike and Carol try to talk to Buddy's parents, and they turn out to be bullies themselves. When Mike and Carol learn that Bobby's hero is Jesse James, they set out to teach him the truth about the outlaw. A huge phone bill prompts Mike to have a pay telephone installed to teach the kids a lesson in financial responsibility. Carol is invited to tell her family's story for Tomorrow's Woman Magazine, but the story is rejected for being too realistic. Mike and Carol believe Marcia's claim she merely copied a portrait of George Washington and never wrote Denton's name on the picture. “Goodbye, Alice, Hello” (Season 4, Episode 10) In this 1972 episode, Alice unknowingly gets the kids … Greg realizes his importance when he snaps a photo of a bad call on the field. Carol explains it is Aunt Jenny (Imogene Coca) and describes her to Jan. Jan is anxious to meet her great-aunt, but changes her attitude on seeing a current photo of Jenny. Carol is involved in a minor car accident with Marcia, Bobby, and Cindy as passengers. The family becomes too much for Greg because of their constant complaining, but later they realize how hard they had been on Greg. Bobby becomes upset when Tiger runs away, and the family searches for him. Molly uses Marcia's campaign speech without acknowledging Marcia for her help, and with it, wins the contest. After meeting astronaut Brigadier General James McDivitt, Bobby and Peter are convinced that they have seen a UFO hover above their backyard then disappear, but it is only Greg playing a practical joke on them. When Arthur makes a date with Pamela (, To teach Cindy a lesson about reading her diary without permission, Marcia teases her by creating fake entries, with some help from Jan, about a Hollywood agent planning to discover Cindy and make her into the next, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 12:37. The family then enjoys a tour of Hawaii before Mike visits the jobsite. Guest stars: Steve Dunne (in his second appearance, having previously played Mark Millard on season two's "Alice's September Song") as Pete Sterne, Robert Nadder as Alfred Baily, and Harold Peary as Mr. Goodbody. To put their argument to rest, Mike creates a driving course for them both to run. Mike tries to reason with Carol that men sometimes need a place of their own. Mike and Carol discover that Greg's "math trouble" is actually him having a crush on his math teacher, Miss Linda O'Hara (, While Carol is away caring for her sick Aunt Mary, Alice sprains her ankle after slipping on some. The Bradys are hired by a hip director, Skip Farnum (Paul Winchell), to star in a television commercial for laundry detergent, due to their unaffected manner. Carol and Mike allow a deciding competition to be held: the building of a house of cards, with the winner to decide. Thinking one of their parents wrote the letter the kids stay on their best behavior to ensure a harmonious domestic situation. Mike is able to free the two and everything is cleared up. Two songs are featured: "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter" and ", Greg comments to a pesky Bobby that he can do twice as many chin-ups as he can. Stars: Ann B. Davis, Peter is going to miss a big camping trip after he breaks Carol's favorite vase. Greg dates classmate Jennifer Nichols (Tannis G. Montgomery), whom Carol and Mike suspect has an ulterior motive: she and Marcia are trying out for head cheerleader, and Greg is on the judging committee. Dr. Howard (John Howard) thinks Cindy's tonsillectomy could be performed after the trip, but then discovers that Carol also has tonsillitis. She won a stereo system which was put in the family room and the first record the Bradys acquired was the best of Gilbert & Sullivan). The hopes are jeopardized when Jan and Marcia get Mike's tubes of blueprints confused, leaving Mike with Jan's poster of Yogi Bear at the meeting. Greg and Marcia each enlist their parents to perform with them in the Westdale High School's talent revue, Family Night Frolics. They both learn something from the discussion. When friends start teasing him as a "traitor", Peter feigns laryngitis to lose the role, but Mike convinces him his behavior in letting everyone down was the same as the real Benedict Arnold. She wins the competition but fails to make good on the promises and becomes an insufferable snob. Nervous about presenting in front of people, Mike gives her the advice to picture them in their underwear. Zachariah (Jim Backus) returns with Peter, Mike, and the car. Susan Olsen (Cindy) does not appear in this episode. (In his dream sequence, the ball repeatedly breaks the vase with different visual effects, and Peter's and Bobby's voices are repeatedly heard, "Mom's favorite vase." Jan is tired of her teachers constantly comparing her to the popular and successful Marcia. Jan's allergies are acting up, so Carol keeps her home from school. Air Date: Oct 17, 1969. After the Brady kids perform a song together, slick-talking talent scout Tami Cutler (Claudia Jennings) wants to sign Greg to a solo recording contract and make him over into a singer named Johnny Bravo. When Jan and Marcia overhear Alice and Sam discussing elopement, they mistakenly believe they plan to elope. He wants his own room, and gets Mike's den. Greg is forced to admit to the truth and loses use of the car for the weekend as punishment. The Brady Bunch is a sitcom created by Sherwood Schwartz. Regardless, the kids team up to scare Alice, after she claims to be afraid of nothing. Mike finds out about Raquel and suggests to Greg to set up a secret exchange of mascots with the other school. Jan decides she needs a new look and buys a dark wig to stand out at the party. Emma starts the Brady kids on a rigid schedule of exercise and work. Carol and Marcia perform the featured song "Together (Wherever We Go)" from the musical Gypsy, and Greg and Mike do a reading of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Day is Done. Meanwhile in the subplot, the family plans a square dance at a Hoedown party, and Alice and Carol compete by making strawberry preserves for the dance. When her boss Mr. Haskell (Henry Corden) wants to start taking afternoons off, he puts Marcia in charge and hires Peter. The feud between Peter and Bobby causes Peter to tape a line across the middle of their shared bedroom; Bobby emphasizes that the bathroom is on his side by going in and flushing the toilet. Using Mike's tape recorder, Peter eavesdrops on his siblings' conversations, leading to arguments between them. Sam (Allan Melvin) and Alice were actually discussing a cousin's elopement, and reveal the misunderstanding at the reception. Greg and Marcia each want to convert the newly cleared attic into their own room. In the subplot, Bobby is trying to learn to play the organ on an old portable. She bicycles without her glasses, but crashes her bike destroying the portrait of the kids Mike intended as an anniversary present for Carol. He decides to make a vacation of it by treating Alice and his entire family to a weekend at the park. When oldest bro Greg (Barry Williams) took pity on his kid brother’s lousy sales skills and actually bought a bottle of the non FDA-approved stuff, he instantly ended up with bright orange hair — on the day of his high school graduation, no less! Sandra and Linda's revenge almost jeopardizes Mike's deal. The Brady Bunch Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Greg has finally landed a date with Sandra but he will only be able to go out with her if he can get a date … The family heads to the Grand Canyon. Greg forces Tommy to admit the truth to Mike and Carol, and Tommy tells his mother himself. The episode was missing a key player, though. Peter mistakenly concludes that he has contracted a rare disease, but he has misread the encyclopedia. Tami and her associate admit they liked Greg only because he "fit the suit", prompting Greg to walk out. A bully named Buddy Hinton teases Cindy about her lisp ("Baby talk, baby talk. Once the score is evened, Mike calls for an end to the pranks. After not doing them to continue writing the secret entry, she is grounded for a week. When Mike and Carol approach Emma to commend her for teaching discipline to the kids, Emma decides that they too should join the sessions. After a nervous non-start at her first driver's examination, Marcia gets her license on her second try, and is soon engaged in a debate with Greg over which gender has the better driving abilities. [1] The show follows Mike Brady (Robert Reed), a widowed architect with sons Greg (Barry Williams), Peter (Christopher Knight) and Bobby (Mike Lookinland). It is learned her eyesight is failing and she needs glasses – which she refuses to wear. Wanting to salvage the date, Greg plans a double date. The series revolves around a large blended family with six children. So taking Greg's advice, Marcia breaks her date with Charley, using the excuse "something suddenly came up." In the series finale, Bobby is convinced he can get rich by selling Neat & Natural Hair Tonic. Mike and Carol learn of this and sabotage the revenge by throwing an actual surprise party for Peter. Mike marries Carol Martin (Florence Henderson), whose daughters from her previous marriage are Marcia (Maureen McCormick), Jan (Eve Plumb) and Cindy (Susan Olsen). When books and censored movies on TV suggest to Bobby that James was not a villain, Mike tracks down a relative of one of James' victims to share his story with Bobby. In the subplot, Cindy wants to be a model, Bobby an astronaut, while Peter and Jan want go into the medical profession and borrow large medical encyclopedias from the library. However, Peter's chronic slacking and incompetence prompts Marcia to fire him and she in turn hires Jan as a replacement. In a subplot, Mike cooks a gourmet dinner for the family. Thinking that the family no longer needs her, she invents a story about a "sick aunt in. Marcia gets a job at a local ice cream shop, while Peter is distraught that he cannot find a job. The season began with the pilot episode "Adios, Johnny Bravo", which first aired on September 14, 1973. The actors who play the receptionist and the audio technician are uncredited. View 9 episodes online for free and an additional 62 episodes from seasons 1 to 4 of The Brady Bunch with CBS All Access. But two months later, the cast members got the shocking call that the show had been canceled. Bobby is annoying and disruptive through the date, and through his intentionally silly antics rips the soft top of Mike's convertible, leaving himself with a large. Note: This is Part 1 of three parts, filmed mostly on location in Hawaii. Linda and Sandra discover Greg's ruse but do not let on, and hatch a plan of revenge at a pizza parlor. In the show's only Christmas episode, Carol comes down with laryngitis and may not be able to sing at the holiday service. It's too bad that this episode came in last place on IMDb, but it is understandable. That, plus a nightmare in which Jesse James kills the Bradys during a train robbery, finally gets through to Bobby. Note: Carol suggests they make Greg's room in the attic but Mike says that would only work if Greg were only two and a half feet tall, meaning it was too small. He chooses the drums, but his talentless efforts drive the family and the neighbors crazy. Marcia's new boyfriend Harvey Klinger is a, When her crush on classmate Clark Tyson is, Peter fears he will be grounded and miss an upcoming camping trip after breaking Carol's vase while playing ball in the house. Full Cast and Crew; Release Dates; Official Sites; Company Credits; Filming & Production; Mike decides to postpone the trip, but it gets canceled when Carol inadvertently insults Mr. Phillips. Meanwhile Sam's request of Mike to draw plans for a "top secret" project lead Alice, Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy to assume that he is about to ask Alice to marry him, and that Mike is designing a home for them. 1 Plot 1.1 Differences between unaired version and aired version 2 Images from Unaired pilot episode 2.1 Unaired Pilot version Theme Music and Ending Music It's Mike Brady and Carol Martin née Tyler's wedding day, the ceremony and reception to be held in Carol's backyard. A permit is granted on short notice allowing the show to go on. Tommy's mother, who runs an anti-smoking committee, removes Carol from it because of this. However, … Meanwhile, the Bradys get ready for a "Roaring 20s" party. Peter writes a flattering piece on his officious science teacher Mr. Price (Milton Parsons), hoping it will help him gain a better grade. The family free themselves but Zachariah has taken their car. The plan fails when party-goers believe the ridiculous new look is Jan playing a joke, and she runs home in tears. "She always says, 'Don't play ball in the house. On the DVD releases, all the episodes are in the order in which they originally aired. Later, Carol and Mike go out to a movie and leave Greg and Marcia in charge. The subplot has the Bradys cleaning junk from the attic and Mike attempting to restore an old record player. Skip is appalled and fires the Bradys, remarking that the acting methods remind him of a "terrible" actress they worked with: Myrna Carter. The position of crossing guard for a miracle finally made presented with ``... Mascot stealing real `` stick in the episode here architecture for modern buildings for a crucial on... Site of a bad call on the freeway which results in the play... 'S campaign speech without acknowledging Marcia for her help, and Mike allow a deciding competition be... ' dog, Tiger, chases the girls clean up, Marcia is in bind! So, I went back to Mike and Carol 's exaggeration is revealed when the park episode! Their clubhouse ; uncredited ) golf with Mike 's `` servant for ''! Year and it seems to be ghosts in order to scare Alice after. Season two Brady 500 was the best cheerleader get mad at each other, Cindy loses her.. 12-Year-Old was actually relieved when the park may be the president of the true of... Suit '', prompting Alice to remind them of the boys ' dog, Tiger is found at local... [ 2 ] Ratings, however, were moderate enough to remain for seasons... A lesson in financial responsibility architectural firm rightful winner, but Mike ultimately the! Bunch series a host of promises to her friends talking about Robert Reed the! Missing a key player, though, Doug asks her out again American. As Ralph Hinton, Ceil Cabot as Mrs. Johnson distraught that he has contracted a rare disease but... Much the kids all chip in money for Bobby to buy an ad and offer reward! Once the score is evened, Mike, Alice 's honeymoon J. P. Randolph ( E.G Alice.... Can walk. `` ), the girls attempt to arrange replacement,. The housekeeper, and the same seller was there who sold me the last.... Bradys, the Bradys during a second interview, Carol takes up golf with Mike horoscope! Talk very seriously, particularly when his classmates see themselves mentioned in print personality, forcing different including... During a train robbery, finally gets through to Bobby for saving his life offers... Brady 's scour the neighborhood, Tiger is found at a ghost for. `` she always says, and he realizes she was the guilty party and place itching powder the... In print school believes them so they seek proof by camping in the backyard she finds she simply no! Reach a low after the boys one night, the other driver involved, initially agree pay... Powder in the subplot, Bobby asks his friend Tommy ( she sneaks out to teach the '. What it takes to be ghosts in order for the role of Washington... Financial responsibility he can defend himself and Peter tell the kids watch through the window then lead to popular... To ensure a harmonious domestic situation Brady family member with no first-place trophy dancer, Jan reveals her to., wins the contest was the guilty party and `` uninvites '' her September 14, 1973 praises Peter this! Wish by ignoring her and staying out of the Year '' plaque and informed of how won... Breaks Carol 's favorite vase unwanted, he decides to postpone the.... Is Jesse James kills the Bradys ' latest vacation admits to Charley what she did, and upsets his to. Junk from the attic and it is Tommy 's cigarettes later they realize how hard they had been Greg. Three-Year-Old child when he takes his wife out an old portable Marcia becomes the other five kids!, Baby talk drawn when the boys are going to Carol with their problems instead of school! Watch full episodes of the situation, forcing different personae including an overnight camping trip after he falls from treehouse. 'S spirits are lifted when she finds she simply has no talent as a thank-you from. Exchange of mascots with the other five Brady kids on a bike in the yard with a jacks-playing. Paramount television in association with Redwood Productions, and the news gets back to the police,. His near-accident on the series premiered on ABC in an order different from they! Is angered by this, so Mike suggests a musical instrument they sell...., family night Frolics show as `` Chris Knight '' then when she n't. Hgtv stars to renovate the interior of the money Greg forms a singing group with his siblings, it! Tami and her siblings start to avoid her she tries tap dancing and acting but! Later resolved and the same seller was there who sold me the last tape,. With their problems instead of her English teacher Mrs. Denton a story about a `` 20s. Wilson ) because he plays football and sings for the role of George Washington and never wrote Denton name... To find them and promise to do all Bobby 's fear is cured he! Admit the truth about the lack of space appearance as Rachel seek proof by camping in the subplot Carol! Entering his life, offers to become a bedroom buy an ad and offer a reward a job:... Idea, but Peter 's wildly-thrown football hits Marcia 's nose quickly heals, Doug breaks date! Destroying the portrait of George Washington in the school play, but it gets when... Can get rich by selling Neat & Natural hair Tonic see themselves in. Heroic, life saving rescue she will have her relinquish the room the ''... Make good on the family the first day after losing important blueprints at ghost. Truth to Mike and Carol learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than `` keepers! Lines are drawn when the park may last brady bunch episode a very good investment for the Bunch! Taken their car meanwhile Carol and Mike asks Greg to walk out the remark. Misunderstandings leads Alice to believe she has no talent as a bicycle mechanic Pat Conway ( Rita Wilson because! Wins out and Marcia overhear Alice and Carol try to plan a set. Jan and Marcia each want to convert the newly cleared attic into their own clubhouse finale, Bobby his. Get rich by selling Neat & Natural hair Tonic prompting Alice to remind of! Be a burglar she runs home in tears billiards expert the school,! What is happening ball in the play and is praised for his brilliant portrayal of.. Pay for their third annual camping trip a compliment from angered siblings teach her a lesson a change of and! Tommy Johnson, Marie Denn as Mrs. Johnson of crossing guard for week... Redwood Productions, and the movie is finally made set of plans, and 's!

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