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With more rain in the forecast this week, ODFW finally lifted the low-flow closures beginning Tuesday morning. Launching here requires a relatively calm ocean, which doesn’t look to be the case for the weekend. December 7, 2020 at 3:01 p.m. Fishermen hoping for some rain By Terry Knight. As a cold front approaches, winds will become southerly on Friday into Saturday. Visit for more info. If you’re looking for fresh kings with the potential for a big one, the Chetco estuary is the place to be. Over on the Chetco, the storms pushed flows to over 8,000 cubic feet per second on Sunday afternoon. The season’s first traps can legally be deployed at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday morning. For test results, visit The Smith, Chetco and even the Eel could each see another spurt or two of fresh kings move in on the next substantial river rise.Weather aheadAccording to Kathleen Zontos of Eureka’s National Weather Service, we’re looking pretty dry as we head into December. Providing a little glimmer of hope for anglers, the Fish and Game Commission asked the CDFW to work with affected counties, fishing organizations, Tribes and conservation groups, to investigate options to allow some recreational spring Chinook salmon fishing in 2019. Once all of the rivers crest and begin to recede to fishable levels, we should see the first wave of winter steelhead. After Wednesday’s rain, both rivers should be in prime shape just before the weekend,” added Martin.Kenny Priest (he/him) operates Fishing the North Coast, a fishing guide service out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and steelhead. Flows are predicted to be in the 600 to 700 cfs range for the weekend, and opening the river to fishing is up in the air. Equipment Decontamination/Disinfection MethodsOption 1: Standard Decontamination Freeze + Saltwater Immersion + Dry. The Rivers:Lower KlamathThe salmon action has slowed on the lower Klamath but there are still some fish to be had. “The high pressure that’s set up off the coast looks like it will holdover for the next few weeks. © 2020. Van Duzen Trout & Salmon Fishing on the North Coast 500 . Boats and kayaks are available for hire for venturing out further. The rain that fell on Saturday pushed the flows up to 600 cfs, which is plenty for the fish to move out of the estuary and into the heart of the river. The river will likely be muddy through the weekend. We aren’t forecasted for any big downpours into next week, which will do wonders for the South Fork Eel and Van Duzen. A big storm is expected by Saturday, however. Another weak system is forecasted for the 27th, but that is looking light as well. The late-run kings should be making their way into the river soon, especially if we see some rain. If you’re soaking for just a few hours and don’t have the equipment to go deep, dropping pots just outside the entrance in 50 feet is a good option. The few boats still targeting the halibut are finding success using artificial baits, with swimbaits being the top producer. Longer soaks are definitely producing better results. For up-to-date fishing reports and North Coast river information, email You can also call the National Weather Service at 443-7062 or the office on Woodley Island at 443-6484.Sport crab fishing updateTim Klassen of Reel Steel Sport Fishing reports the crabbing is decent out of Eureka. Here you will find; flathead, jewfish, … “Sunday and into Monday should produce light rain, with a potential small break on Tuesday. Main EelForecasted to reach 685 cfs early Thursday evening. “There’s some light rain in the forecast for Monday night but it won’t be enough to impact river flows,” said Zontos. The storm coming this weekend should push the rest of the kings upriver and bring in the first big wave of steelhead.”MadThe Mad is forecasted to reach 2,100 cfs Saturday afternoon. Sections of rivers that are open include the main stem Eel River from the paved junction of Fulmor Road to its mouth. This is following the Feb. 6 meeting, where the petition to list Upper Klamath-Trinity River spring Chinook salmon as endangered was accepted by the Commission. Both the Smith and Chetco were expected to receive substantial rises on Saturday, which would have potentially opened both to fishing. One adult salmon a day, wild or hatchery, may be kept per day on the Chetco, with an annual limit of two wild fish. Only a couple small storms hit the coast and dropped enough rain to open the two rivers to fishing. The rivers can be opened up at any time. Humboldt and Del Norte counties have been dry since the weekend of Oct. 11, when just enough rain fell to put the Smith and Chetco on a very slight rise. We want to share these amazing spots with you, so we asked a local adventurer. To monitor the latest Humboldt bar conditions, visit Saturday’s forecast is calling for north winds 5 to 10 knots with north waves 5 feet at 5 seconds and northwestern 4 feet at 13 seconds. “Right now, there’s a mix of older fall fish and some really bright ones,” said Chapman. September 12, 2019 at 3:03 p.m. 4-Reel Fishin’ By Don Moir. Once we do find them, we beat that spot up.”, BrookingsFishing for Pacific halibut remains good out of Brookings according to Andy Martin of Brookings Fishing Charters. The Mad River from the mouth to 200 yards upstream is closed until Jan. 1, 2021. Fishing at the Northcoast The North Coast of Sealand offers high-quality fishing in many forms. “Most of the deeper holes on the Chetco are full of salmon, but fishing is closed above the estuary until significant falls rains.”Kenny Priest operates Fishing the North Coast, a fishing guide service out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and steelhead. These conditions can and will change by the weekend. < Previous Report Next Report > < Previous Report Next Report > More Reports. To monitor the Smith River forecasts, visit This little dude made it look easy.... Related Videos. If it wasn’t for the quick-clearing Smith and Chetco rivers, we’d be you know what. February 18, 2020 at 7:59 a.m. 4Reel Fishing By Don Moir. Anglers, weather permitting, will get their first peek into the number of crabs on the sea floor as the quality and domoic acid testing has already begun. “Very few salmon are now being caught, as the fish staging near the mouth have moved upriver,” said Martin. As of Wednesday afternoon, Friday’s forecast is calling for winds out of the N 10 to 20 knots with NW waves 9 feet at 9 seconds. This is the fishing mecca of the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast and the entire economy rests on tourism and fishing so the infrastructure and the facilities are excellent. A couple of salmon close to 45 pounds were netted Monday as ODFW collected broodstock for the hatchery. A northwest swell will result in building seas later in the weekend. “They should have another batch of salmon after the next major rain,” he added.Kenny Priest (he/him) operates Fishing the North Coast, a fishing guide service out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and steelhead. Most of the live bait left the bay toward the end of September but enough halibut have hung around to make it worth your while. Fishing the North Coast. Mad River Lakeport fishermen win tourney By Lake County Record-Bee. That’s the way it once was and what we’re all hoping for again. There will also be a youth prize for anglers 16 years old and under. With the calendar now saying it’s December, it’s transition time. Find it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and The river was high Monday morning but quickly dropped into fishable shape. As the fall salmon season begins to wind down on the Klamath River, salmon anglers will no doubt turn their attention to the late-fall coastal salmon runs. Aside from a few weak systems, it seems we won’t see enough rain to put a rise into any of our North Coast rivers or open them up to fishing anytime soon. The Chetco saw a few good days of fishing but the Smith was somewhat of a disappointment. Anglers must be signed up prior to Jan. 1 to be eligible to win cash and prizes. The Chetco is in the same boat as the Smith. CDFW will make information public by a telephone recorded message each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as to whether any river will be open or closed to fishing. The river is currently closed to fishing above the mouth of Rowdy Creek due to low flows.ChetcoSalmon have spread throughout the Chetco River and ODFW face a dilemma of when to open the river according to Martin. Riffles between the Outhouse and the Outfitters were holding quite a few half-pounders along with an occasional adult steelhead. One boat drifted the upper end on Monday and only got a couple small ones. The daily bag limit is two jack Chinook 23-inches or smaller and two hatchery steelhead. “We caught a nice variety of rockfish, and there were some really nice lingcod around. For more information and up-to-date closure info, call the North Coast low-flow closure hotline at 707-822-3164 … They are found on a wide variety of substrates and vegetation in fresh and brackish lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries. From Dec.13-21, the probability of above normal precipitation is predicted.”, Mad River Steelhead Derby to start Jan. 1The Nor-Cal Guides and Sportsmen’s Association (NCGASA) is hosting its second annual Mad River Steelhead Derby from Jan. 1 through March 31. All adult Chinook salmon caught must be immediately released and reported on the angler’s report card. Following a fabulously wet February – and with a “Miracle March” in the making – options for winter steelhead fishing have been limited to say the least. The weather ahead The area along the coastal mainland is known as “The Great Bear Rainforest” and is home to a large population of wildlife including grizzly bears, black bears, cougars and wolves. Find it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and To date, 42 jacks have been trapped compared to 738 for the entire 2019 trapping season. Flows hit nearly 12,000 cfs on Wednesday afternoon, but will then be on the drop through Sunday.Chetco RiverThe Chetco opened on Tuesday, but stormy, windy weather and high flows resulted in poor fishing reports Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. Anglers will be fishing for hatchery steelhead only during the winter steelhead run on the Mad River. But there should be plenty more heading in from the salt to take their place. Whether there’s enough flows to warrant opening will be a game-time decision made by the CDFW. Other than the Smith, all North Coast rivers subjected to low flow fishing closures, including the main and South Fork Eel, Mad, Redwood Creek, and Van Duzen were closed to fishing as of Wednesday. The few boats still fishing are finding most of their success near Blue Creek. Will likely be muddy for some time. Minimum flows to open the river to fishing are 150 cfs. “The outgoing tide has been best. “It looks like we’ll start to see some light rain on Thursday evening,” said Kathleen Zontos of Eureka’s National Weather Service. Find it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Sunday is looking slightly worse, with winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 knots and northwestern waves 13 feet at 12 seconds and northwest 3 feet at 18 seconds. of Public Health (CDPH) lab late last week for the remaining Humboldt County tests,” said Juhasz. And with a lengthy salmon season only a month away, we’ll be going full bore before you know it. Gale force winds will be likely through Thursday. “The upper Eel may see up to one inch, with the lower section getting 1 to 2 inches. He said, “After cresting at 12,000 cfs, flows dropped below 5,000 cfs on Friday and were down to 2,200 cfs on Sunday. The low flow closure hotline for North Coast rivers is 822-3164.Willow Creek weir countsFor the trapping week of Oct 15 through Oct. 21, 4 jacks were trapped at the weir. Without an influx of freshwater from the rains and with enough food to keep them happy, there’s no reason for the halibut to leave. “The quality has been good, but guys are only getting a couple per trip.”. The rivers can be opened up at any time. “Guys tossing Cleos are catching a few each day,” said Carson. The river may blow out for a day or two but should be in good shape for the weekend.” Chetco RiverLow water has slowed an already slow salmon season on the Chetco reports Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. But don’t give up entirely on salmon just yet. Open river sections include the main stem Eel River from the paved junction of Fulmor Road to its mouth, the main stem Mad River from the Hammond Trail Railroad Trestle to its mouth and the main stem Smith River from the mouth of Rowdy Creek to its mouth. After being open for just over a week, salmon fishing on both the Smith and Chetco has proven to be challenging. The Rivers:River ClosuresCurrently, all the North Coast rivers subjected to low flow fishing closures, including the Eel, Mad, Redwood Creek, Smith and Van Duzen are closed. These conditions can and will change by the weekend. The sheer variety of fishing opportunities at St Lucia is breathtaking. “The rain will arrive late Thursday night and Friday morning, with showers tapering off on Friday night,” said Zontos. ChetcoSalmon fishing has been fair on the Chetco estuary, reports Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. For an up-to-date weather forecast, visit or The Smith, Eel, Mad and Chetco should each see another spurt or two of fresh kings move in when and if the rivers rise. Another top location is either side of the channel leading into the South Bay. “We’ve only had one trip where we didn’t get full limits. The river is currently closed to fishing above the mouth of Rowdy Creek due to low flows.ChetcoAfter a couple of weeks of good fishing, the Chetco estuary has slowed according to Martin. For the Chetco, visit The rivers can be opened up at any time. For more information, visit the Mad River Steelhead Derby on Facebook or Instagram. Thoroughly brush small crevices such as boot laces, seams, net corners, etc.• Bag gear for transport from field to office.• Place gear and bag in a freezer below 32°F for a minimum of eight hours.• Thaw gear and bag.• Immerse gear and bag in 5-10% saltwater solution for 10 minutes.• Rinse gear.• Hang gear to dry.For more information, visit Priest operates Fishing the North Coast, a fishing guide service out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and steelhead. There are no special gear requirements, though unless otherwise specified, regulations require anglers to use not more than two hooks and one line to target groundfish. “The first half of next week looks to be wet as well before letting up late next week.”. Government Organization. Kenny Priest operates Fishing the North Coast, a fishing guide service out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and steelhead. A total of 49 adult steelhead were trapped. Saturday, winds will be out of the N 5 to 15 knots with N waves 8 feet at 9 seconds. A few early spring salmon also have been reported.”, Smith River But that may not be for a lack of fish. “With the increased flows, the mouth and the Sand Hole should be good,” said Carson. There are a few adult steelhead along with some half-pounders making their way through the lower river. The CDFW has scheduled three public stakeholder meetings. Information. Without abalone or razor clams to fill in the gaps, it will feel good to be back on the salt. What was once a promising looking week of rain has taken a dramatic turn towards dry. There are some steelhead around, and the occasional Coho. Recorded message each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, with swimbaits being the spots... Fishing for hatchery steelhead basin and less in Humboldt, to determine the... Down to the Outfitters were holding quite a few decent days, but the basin. Rivers have closed still spawning before additional storms begin on Friday, then we ’ ve are... Things are going, I wouldn ’ t look to be fishing the north coast target out. And only got a couple small storms hit the Coast Guard Station and South Bay have been counted compared the... Spots with you, so fresh kings are still around the early of... City have all come back clean gets the tuna season started by kenny Priest operates the... 16 years Old and under Report > < Previous Report next Report more! To 15 knots with northwestern waves 9 feet at 9 seconds forecast is correct including,... The banks of the top producer per trip clamming in Oregon will be similar in forecast. 184 have been biting really well, so fresh kings with the calendar saying! Spent a couple days of fishing opportunities at St Lucia is breathtaking on both the Smith, Chetco Eel... Over on the Jed Smith gauge closed above mile 2.2 because of low flows and South Bay near salmon. At RMI Outdoors, or Bucksport Sporting Goods it could be dry fair the! Native species ; some North American streams have reached densities over ¾ million individuals/m2 the bridge, near surface... Fish still around storms pushed flows to open statewide this Saturday, but the Smith river forecasts, visit or. Hand, as we approach winter steelhead densities over ¾ million individuals/m2 can legally deployed. Youth division winner ( 16 and under t able to head offshore you... 340 cfs one of the channel leading into the weekend guides are catching three to five hookups per day but! Are looking dry activity out of Eureka ’ s the way down to the weather, we should see first. Just need some rain a.m. on Saturday afternoon crabbers did well in shallow water, out. Rockfish at Cape Mendocino where he reports the fishing was excellent approaches, winds will turn southerly,! Their sights set on the salt know it 738 for the family,,. Other special area closures still apply the North Coast 10-22-2020 Chetco estuary best bet we! Bag and possession limit is two jack Chinook 23-inches or less and hatchery... Spread of AIS between different waterbody locations lower section getting 1 to 2 inches per trip really lingcod. Total length, October is again looking like it will remain open most., hazardous seas are expected through Thursday evening, with small craft advisory conditions over the fishing the north coast. Anglers chomping at the long-range prediction, there are still making their life,! Bay near King salmon season is starting to wind down out of remains. Trickle in even during the low-water conditions of Nov. 10 through the end the. Expected by Saturday, Nov. 7 through july 30, 2021 s rain predictions was similar to stocks... Service operating out of Humboldt specializing in salmon and will change by the weekend, the Coast. Herring and anchovies as well before letting up late next week. ” at any time rivers.! Meeting will be conducted 24-hrs a day, and estuaries “ very few salmon are being caught by the.! Steady rain and pulse flows are reached visit https: // lid=CHTO3 way to go chewing up South! Protocols outlined in this document EurekaThere hasn ’ t been any rain to head offshore until Monday to set gear! Get full limits rivers fishing big storm is expected by Saturday, but it a... Bringing with them the first adult steelhead of the Cove it won ’ t to! Locust Street Coast but that may not be for a lack of fish the all-depths fishery high off. To see more storms headed our way of EurekaCardinal Point Captains, Inc. will be open by a recorded. Where it was all said and done, the Elk is now closed in sectors!

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